Honey and cinnamon, two ingredients that you are likely to have at home and that you must already have used them when cooking. They are incredibly good for your body! And together they are the perfect combination.

The benefits of cinnamon are already known, there are even alternative medicine recipes with cinnamon that you might have already tried. Same with honey. But have you ever tried them together? According to Chinese naturopathy, this combination is an amazing remedy to deal with pain and diseases.

I want to share today a list of the amazing uses of cinnamon and honey to improve your health:

  1.      Eliminate cholesterol: Have cinnamon and honey in your breakfast and you will prevent yourself from heart diseases, regulate and eliminate cholesterol.
  2.      For arthritis: dilute two spoons of honey, one of cinnamon in a glass of hot water. Drink it at nights to fight pain caused by arthritis.
  3.      Against the flu: If you caught a cold, take a spoon of honey and cinnamon in the mornings for a few days and you will see the result.
  4.      For stomachache: This remedy is excellent to fight digestive disorders, gastritis and ulcers.
  5.      Fortify the immune system: both cinnamon and honey have properties that are perfect to keep bacterias, viruses and fungus out.
  6.      They are the secret for a softer skin: You will soften your skin and prevent yourself from those hideous wrinkles by drinking a cup of tea with a teaspoon of cinnamon and four teaspoons of honey 3 times a day.
  7.      They help you with losing weight: Boil water with honey and cinnamon, drink this infusion in fast. You will lose weight fast and effectively!