“At some point, I’m going to use it” Have you heard yourself saying that? Nothing in life is supposed to remain stagnant for long periods of time.

Is amazing how many clothes that we sometimes have in good condition, and that we no longer use because of our body changes or because they are no longer fashionable. Taking advantage of the season I bring you three ways to recycle your clothes (either for yourself or for charity) and thus can make a cleaning closet to let everything new.

Clean your closet, recycle your clothes before the season changes:

1. Give your clothes to people in need

There are many people who are in need of clothes, not because it is fashionable or not, but because their economic priorities do not come expenditures for new clothes. Give a gift to those people who need it most. Investigate in your community or NGOs getting used clothing in good condition. Some sell to raise funds for children’s homes or truly serve people to dress in street condition.

2. Crecycle it. The new term for recycling clothes between generations

Sure you have some cousins, nephews, grandchildren, godchildren, children of your best friend etc, they could use clothes your children while they are growing. Children grow very fast, and clothing is easy it looks like new after a few sunsets.

If you have how to make a chain, give her clothes to a colleague who can take advantage. This will save some money, and it will help get rid of the pieces of clothing that occupy your closet.


3. Upgrade your clothes

Browsing for a while in Pinterest and youtube will give you great ideas on how you can make changes to your old to turn them into something super trendy clothes. Place keywords on search engines such as:

  • #DIY
  • #RefreshYourClothes
  • Give your Old Clothes a New Look
  • Refresh Your Old Clothes