Currently obesity in Mexico has become a major public health problem in children has increased alarmingly and before it we have not found adequate solutions to fight it.

Everything we do as adults, we teach our children and we must learn how eating well is good for us.

Talk about eating well is talking about eating hungry and stop when we are satisfied, is to listen to your body and not the mind, is to go to the table hungry, and eat until you are satisfied, that is, eat according to hunger-satiety cycle.

Is to choose the food I like and eat enough of it, enjoying it and doing awareness of what it tells us the body, that is, stopping when the body sends me the signal of satiety and not just stop eating because I feel guilt or simply because I think I should.

Eating well means three meals a day, or four or five. This allows us to leave some cookies on the plate because you know you’ll have more tomorrow or lets you eat more now because you simply liked.

When you’re eating well it’s valid to occasionally eat more than usual, feeling very full and uncomfortable. It’s even understandable when suddenly you had the desired to eat a little more.

Eating well is to trust your body to amend your mistakes in food. Eat normally require a bit of your time and attention, but always remain in place each of the major areas of your life.

To sum up, eating well is flexible, responding to your hunger and satiety, your schedule, your proximity to the food and is not affected by your feelings.