Children are back to school in the USA. Emotion meets chaos, and happiness gets mixed with the routine. Getting up early is hard, especially when you get up early to make lunch boxes and get your sons and daughters ready who must show off cool hairstyles, worthy of all princess!

My mom always made me some great tails that fell in curls on my shoulders, and she  even had time to make my breakfast and my lunch. Today I understand that, when you’re a mom, planning is all about there is. That’s why I want to give some simple ideas to make your daughter quick, convenient, beautiful and cool hairstyles.

Cool hairstyles are often the simplest, so the best way to wear your hair at school is in braids, in pony tails, in hair buns; and the reasons are simple:

  • It keeps hair out of the house
  • Makes more difficult the spread of lice
  • It looks great!

Ideas for giving your daughter cool hairstyles

Hair buns

It’s excellent for medium-length hair with waves or curls. There are “donuts” that make it easier to build the bun. Apply some styling gel in the front. You can even step it up adding some braids, bows… you name it!


There are thousands, and the truth is that’ll depend on your ability to do them. Play with your daughter’s hair and give her cool hairstyles. They work simple (after making a tail, two tails) or complex – fish – 4 points – etc.


They are simple but effective. You can make high, medium or low ponytails. You can make pigtails or play with the amount of hair bands you put.  I love these cool hairstyles because they are easy to make and very practical.

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