Get ready to get back to school with original, fun and the best notebooks with recycled materials! If you’re a fan of fashion, colors and collage you will surely love this idea.



Covering your notebooks with original designs is easy. There are “designed” notebooks in the market that sometimes costing three times the price of a simple notebook, and can’t represent you as well as you do yourself.

For this project don’t need to be super good at doing crafts, you just need creativity and some white glue. Should we start?


  • Magazines, newspapers and old wrapping paper (used torn wrapping paper left over from that gift that you recently gave)
  • White glue (liquid or bar)
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Clear *contact paper (transparent adhesive paper)

Step by step

The best thing about this project is that there is no defined step by step because you make your collages customized to your needs and taste. But I can give you some tips for the design you have in mind end up really beautiful

  1. Imagine how you want your design. (If you’ll do it geometric or free style)
  2. Make scraps in the magazines, newspapers and wrapping paper. You can cut shapes, letters, and even geometric figures.
  3. Place the cover of your notebook and start to glue the pieces.
  4. When dry, lined with clear contact paper. Avoid bubbles helping yourself with a ruler while you put it.

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