Other names: Maple Syrup, Arce azucarero (Spain), Canadian Maple, Sugar Maple, Miel de maple.

Maple syrup comes from the thick woods of Canada and is combined with pal honey to create this balanced source of nutrients and energy for the body. It provides a naturally amount of sugar of slow absorption; in addition, it has minerals.

How to use as a dietary supplement:

There are several instructions, though the most know is to drink 6 or 10 cups throughout 10 days. Prepared like this:

In 1 ½ liters add:

  • 12 soup ladles of maple syrup.
  • 12 soup ladles of lemon juice.
  • 1/2 spoon of cayenne coffee in powder.

Maple syrup and Palm honey are a balanced combination of nutrients. It provides different types of sugar and minerals of low and fast absorption.

This syrup is made out of maple syrup and palm honey mixed with lemon juice, it is used for a total depuration of our body.

Maple syrup C+, It is the one that contains the Vital Syrup, it comes from the woods of Canada and it is organically grown. It is mixed with palm honey, and the result is  balanced source of nutrients and energy for the body. It provides more nutrients and trace elements maple syrup A grade, which is the most commercial one.

How to use it a dietary supplement:

First, you need to drink water all day long, then you drink a laxative tea (peppermint, senna leaf, or tamarind) for digestion, if possible, get a colonic, take homeopathic medicine to drain the liver, kidneys and lungs. The process reconstitutes our bodies. On the other hand it helps us maintain the weight lost. 

At least 3 days before starting this detox do not eat meat, flour, sodas and smoke  cigarettes.

It’s about detoxifying your body . Please ask your doctor before beginning a master detox like this one.