Using sanitary pads causes a lot of diseases and is no longer convenient to use. That is why the rise of menstrual cups is really a lifesaver for women who are always on the go.

However, despite the conducive way of using them, it is still essential to know the basics on how to use them safely and to know in-depth information all about the menstrual cup. I gathered all of them for you, let us go ahead and know more facts and tips on how to use it effectively.

Unzip The Truth About Menstrual Cups

What are menstrual cups? It is a feminine hygiene product that you need to put inside the vagina to collect the flow of the blood during menstruation period. It is made from silicone; that is why it is very flexible in all sizes and can hold the blood for a more extended period. The shape of a menstrual cup is like a bell with a stem.

The stem is used to insert the container easily or to pull out from the vagina. It is the best tampon alternative that you can use, it works almost like tampons, but it is more effective because it can hold the flow up to 12 hours without changing from time to time compared to tampons that you need to change it every after 4-8 hours depending on your blood flows. Other than that, it is safer to use because it does not contain any chemical that can harm your genitals, unlike your regular pads.


How To Use A Menstrual Cup Safely

It is really interesting to use these menstrual cups as it is offering the convenience that you need for your menstruation. However, we cannot deny the fact that it is also hard to use them at first. That is why it is very important to read and follow the labels indicated in the packaging to avoid any complications that may happen because of not following the instructions in properly using it. Here are five simple steps that you should know on using menstrual cups.

Make sure to clean the cup before and after using it. Even though it is newly out from the package, remember to sterilize it to get rid of possible bacteria attached to the cup. In every time that you will use the cup make sure to clean it with soap and water and put it in a bowl of warm water to sterilize for a few minutes. Sterilization can help in eliminating biological agents such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, and more. Do not forget that your vagina is very sensitive, and since it will be inserted inside, it can bring harmful bacteria that may lead to severe complications.

Fold and insert the cup. Before doing this step, make sure to wash your hands with water and soap to make sure that it is clean, you will be touching sensitive area of your vagina upon inserting the cup so clean your hands for safety purposes. There are two common types of folding the menstrual cup; it can be C-fold and punch down; however, you can use any techniques that may work best for you.

For the C-fold method, you have to start folding the cup into two until it will form like a letter C and then use your other hand to hold the stem and insert it to your vagina. While the punch down technique is punching the sides of the cup to the center until it will become thin then hold the stem going into the vagina. Once it is inserted, allow the cup to pop open.

Make sure it is unfolded. After inserting the cup, feel the cup by entering a small part of your hand to your vagina to make sure that it is not folded and it should be wide open. Enough to catch the flow. If you feel that it is not in the right position, gently grip the base and rotate the cup.

Remove the menstrual cup with handle and care. Remove the menstrual cup by pulling down the stem first then followed by the cup. Do it gently to avoid discomfort and do not just pull down the stem alone or else it will be painful.

Empty the cup and reuse. After using and pulling it out from your vagina, empty the cup and wash it with water and soap then sterilized with warm water and wipe it with a tissue. Keep it in clean storage for next time use.


If you are new in using menstrual cups, it may cause discomfort while using it and it may be so hard to apply the cup. However, in the long run of using the cup, you will learn a lot of techniques that will work effectively to you. It is vital that you know which menstruation product that will suit to your menstruation needs.

You deserve the comfort that you need while managing the symptoms of menstruation. It will be helpful if you will read articles or watch videos about using menstrual cups to get more ideas on how to use it efficiently. You can also ask someone you know that are already using it to get some tips. Do not be afraid to try these pads and tampon alternative as it can give you more benefits than the usual menstruation products.