The advantages of having healthy skin is that you can rock it it without any problem, looking young, fresh and natural. ¿Secrets? There are thousands, but none like PMD: Personal Microderm. #PmdPretty

If you follow me on social networks, especially in Instagram, you will notice that I love beauty treatments for the skin. Not only to look good, but to maintain the largest organ of my body healthy. Your skin protects you from all external factors to which you expose yourself, and that’s why from time to time and routinely, your skin must be given a little gentle cared touch.

Enjoy the summer! The hot weather is perfect to show your skin with loose and revealing clothing: your shoulders, neck, your arms … And your face! Feel safe to show your natural beauty with this little trick without the need for an expensive spa with PMD Personal Microderm.

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Would you like to look perfect skin with this amazing product?

With professional results in the comfort of your home. #PMD Is an easy tool to use … Its benefits are amazing! It exfoliates the skin deeply, making your skin care products penetrate up to 100%. Perfect if you regularly use moisturizers, anti wrinkle creams and others.

The powerful technology of this product is reflected in its rotating suction disc that attenuates, softens and even regulates skin tone. If you want to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles, enlarged pores or blemishes, PMD Personal Microderm is for you.

How is my routine with PMD Personal Microderm?

The feeling is not painful at all. It feels like a small vacuum that is sucking and collecting impurities … leaving behind one, much more beautiful clean skin. I must tell you that I love this product, it tickles and leaves me looking spectacular. I try to use at least 2 times a week routinely to have greater effect. I change spinning disks to different textures to try new things, and then accompanied with creams for skin care.

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You get a coupon for 25% discount using the code: love20!

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