Nowadays more and more people are getting bariatric surgeries as a way to effectively lose weight. That makes me wonder… Is the gastric bypass really the ultimate solution?

Obesity is currently the disease that has most affected population worldwide. People with overweight find it difficult to adapt to healthy habits regarding food. That is why they take the easy way-out that help them have better quality of life.

Well, the real question is: Is bypass an accurate solution for those who have bad feeding habits and lack of willpower? Is it just a trend being commercialized as the ultimate solution for those extra pounds? In order to answer this, we need to understand what is the surgery like, its benefits and finally if it is the right way to have a better quality of life.

gastric bypass

What is Gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass is a bariatric surgery (to lose weight). It is a surgical procedure that alters the digestion process and it is mainly used in cases of morbid obesity. It is a reductive process (stomach capacity is reduced) and malabsorptive (faulty absorption of nutrient materials).

Who could go on this surgery?

If you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 40 and less than 54, you snack every now and then, you eat compulsively and in great quantities or need tons of sweets frequently and uncontrollably, you need to consider a slimming down treatment. Surgery should be made as a last option for people who have had several failed attempts to go on diet, whose willpower is weak and anxiety gains control constantly.

What are the benefits in terms of health?

Not only does gastric bypass reduce the size of your stomach so you eat less,but also eliminates appetite. It means, that the surgery has an impeccable effectiveness over metabolism and helps control levels of appetite and anxiety.

It is also a way to effectively prevent diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, joint pains and all the complications/diseases that a person with morbid obesity could develop.


People who go on this kind of surgery should have a team of psychologist to support them, since the process must be mental as well. Surgery success depends on the patient. If he/she commits himself/herself to have a new life style way much healthier than he/she previously had.

After the gastric bypass it is imperative to have a high and balanced protein diet, to guarantee the right amount of nutrients for the body. Exercise must be made regularly in order to keep the strong and active muscles.

Is it the solution?

Partially, and only after having tried a wide variety of natural solutions that involve a change on the feeding habit and exercising. Even after the surgery you need to go on diets that are even more strict! You will say good-bye to some food, drinks and you need to give up on several things that you might love for good.  Every change requires sacrifice, by going only on diets, or having a bariatric surgery.

I must emphasize that surgery doesn’t include a “brain surgery” this means that the chubby mind you have need to be transformed immediately when you decide to go on this surgery.