Still trying to find out gift ideas for Valentine’s day? Well, it’s time again and I haven’t bought anything. I know, I know, I leave it all for last minute and I don’t know what to get my husband.

I did an intense research and I get an interesting list of available gifts, easy to find and even to customize to your own taste. I hope they’re useful to you.

10 Quirky gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

1. Prepare a dessert

There are people that say that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. So, take advantage of your culinary aptitudes and make your partner melt. Don’t know how to cook? Log into YouTube. The video site is filled with thousands of tutorials and all types of récipes.

2. A mural in Pinterest

Surf the web and look for stuff that your partner may like. Create a mural with images, videos, websites that will steal a smile from that special someone. Don’t forget that the small details are also those that we cherish the most.

3. iTunes

Log into iTunes and get a gift card. Or if you’re already acquainted with your partner’s musical taste, why not getting a record for him/her? Or you could watch a romantic movie together.

4. Spotify

I’m sure that you still remember those old cassettes that couples in love used to record for one another. Well, now, with Spotify, you can still do the same, but without having to spend hours in front of your record player trying to get it all together in one tape.

5. JustWink

JustWink is an application for Android and iOS where you can create adorable love cards for your significant other.

6. Netflix

Prepare a full playlist with your couple your favorite Romantic comedies, epic dramas or all your favorite movies.

7. Foursquare

Foursquare has released a list of suggested places for you to visit. There are places for singles, friend groups or couples looking for a romantic spot.

8. Lovestagram

Lovestagram is a slideshow for all your Instagram pictures that you, or your partner, have shared.

 9. Amazon

Even if you can get it tomorrow, is a bit late to be looking for a gift for the occasion. But, why not getting a giftcard for your loved one? This time he/she can get something they really like.

 10. Vayable

Vayable  is an initiative for couples that offer all lovers a way to show their love on Valentine’s day through a series of unique experiences that you can share together.