Do you know how many times do you need to chew your food? Up to 40 times! – According to a recent study in the United States. The reason is that the more you chew your food before swallowing it the less food we actually eat, because this reduces the “desire” and hunger that makes us eat more than what we need.

Also, eating slower increases CCK levels, a hormone related with satiety, and reduces the concentration of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates the appetite in our brain

To come up to this conclusion, scientists asked several volunteers to eat pizza, half of them chewing each bite 15 times and the other half 40 times.  Besides reducing this “gluttony” by chewing the food well, researchers observed in the second group that chewing more helps the absorption of nutrients during digestion.

How Many Times You Need To Chew Your Food?

How to do it:

  1. When eating, do it without distracting yourself. If you watch TV or are in front of a computer, you will eat faster.
  2. Try to eat food with company to make it more enjoyable and don’t eat too fast, if you talk while eating you’ll see how you eat slower and chew more.
  3. Satiety  begins 20 minutes after ingesting the first bite, hence, eating slower helps to lose weight without hunger. So, there you have a good motivation to chew your food more!

So now you know. to take care of your health and your figure, chew your food as many times as needed and recommended.