A stye is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the area of the tabs. And there is nothing more painful. It is shaped, reddish, painful bump that hits the edge of the eyelid.There are external sties are on the verge of the eyelid, are the most common and usually last a few internal styes días.Los to occur in inner eyelids and are more durable, cystsoften leave pus to be drained by the doctor . If you think you can handle your own or one can try different alternatives that can help.

Gold ring.

To remove the stye get a gold ring and rub it lightly on a woolen cloth until you get warm. Then gently lay it on the boil for several minutes. Repeat this process several times.


Bring water to boil and steam heat a clean swab. Then lay it on the stye. The swab must be as hot as you resist. Repeat twice daily.


To reduce the swelling apply an ice pack for 15 minutes every day.


Boil a cup of water and some chamomile for 15 minutes. Then soak a cotton ball with thatwarm or hot tea and go to the boil several times a day. Chamomile has the ability to reduce inflammation

If after applying home remedies, no improvement, felt stronger pain, discharge of pus from the boil, you will go blurred vision, or other discomfort feels urgent go to the doctor.