In summer time going to the beach is part of the fun… And we know why: the soft and warm sand touches your feet, the breeze ruffles you, the sea comes with its strength and refreshes you, and the sun shines on your head. Doesn’t it sounds good?

As you might expect your skin shows a healthy tanning product of its contact with the sun, and you look stunning, fashionable, comfortable and cool. Today I want to give you some ideas for you to highlight your femininity over your tan, and look spectacular on your beach day.

It’s normal for your skin to tend to be sensitive to the touch after being exposure for a while to the sun and elements like salt, wind and heat. Many of us feel sticky after the beach, or extremely sensitive to touch. That’s why we must give our skin some care using garments with fabrics made out of cotton or silk.

The best choices will always be loose models that fit your body style and shape, while showing your attributes and hiding your imperfections. Women know our body thoroughly, and we understand what we should highlight or “hide” depending on our curves. Enjoy the beach by day or night. Light colors are a benefit as they will be much cooler to walk during the day.

Don’t be afraid to print, feel beautiful. Take advantage of the convenience of flat sandals, and don’t hesitate to try those platform heels that you love to late evening. Look how you like, beautiful and different.

Ps: don’t forget your accessories.

The style that’s very fashionable for beach and contains all the above attributes is the shirt dress, or dress t-shirt. Loose, light and sexy, depending on the fabric that fits to your curves revealing only what’s necessary.

So when my day at the beach ends and get ready for a walk with my crescent moon, nothing better than one of those dresses, and if the occasion demands, I wear some nice heels and show off the color that the sun gave me.

Have fun, take care of the sun and enjoy to the fullest!