You might have never heard about this plant before, or its amazing medicinal properties. Kalanchoe is also known as widow’s-thrill. Some studies have revealed its connection to alternate cancer treatments. Is it the cure for cancer?

This plant comes from Madagascar, though it is already grown worldwide. Its medicinal properties have given it fame since it is believed it is a possible cure for cancer.

Would it be effective to find the cure for cancer? Currently, there are no drugs that come from Kalanchoe. Its medicinal properties come from an active ingredient: flavonoids like quercetin, though it is effective against parasites its efficacy against tumors has not been proved yet.

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This plant also produces bufadienolides, which could be given anticarcinogenic properties of Kalanchoe.It has been scientifically proved that an emulsion of 3 bufadienolides in particular has an chemotheurapeutic activity on carcinogenic cell of digestive origin (tested in vitro).  

However this study refers to components to the plant that might not necessarily activate naturally. This studies were prepared specifically to generate a anticarcinogenic property. As far as we know there is no way Kalanchoe has these specific active ingredients.

Does this mean it doesn’t work? Of course not! Vegetables and fruits have been proved to be effective to do research about natural way to fight cancer.

The excessive intake of Kalanchoe might cause poisoning, depression, swelling, paralysis and even death.  E incluso el consumo prolongado en bajas dosis puede provocar intoxicaciones crónicas.

Even so, plant like Kalanchoe have these active ingredients seem to be the future in medicine and the possible answers to diseases that scourge global health today.