As scientific studies are conducted and the results come to light, in the medical community becomes more and more popular to refer to Maca, as the natural replacement for the now famous pill from pharmaceutical Pfizer: Viagra ®.

Maca: A Natural Aphrodisiac

  1.  Maca – Lepidium peruvianum Chacon – is a whole natural product
  2. The effects of taking Maca regularly, for example, two teaspoons daily diluted in juice, milk, etc. as a dietary supplement, are durable and permanent.
  3. Maca, also known as the Ginseng of the Andes and the Viagra of the Incas, for its aphrodisiac attributes, acts directly on blood flow, which translates directly into an invigorating action of the pelvic area of ​​men and women by increasing sexual power.The permanent action of Maca makes sexual appetite to be maintained enhancing libido and desire.
  4. People often call Maca: Peruvian Ginseng or natural Viagra.