We know that alcohol has a lot of negative effects on our body, but still don’t miss a night of drinking. So today I tell you about what it does to our brain so you can think about how your drinking habits may affect you.

This is how alcohol affects your brain

Cerebral cortex. Sure you noticed that after a few drinks you become less shy and more talkative than usual, making you feel more sure of yourself. And the cortex is the main part of the brain and is responsible for controlling both behavior and the five senses.

Limbic system. What happened yesterday? A question that many have asked themselves after a long night of drinking, in addition to exaggerate a bit with our emotions, especially anger. This is because this is the area that controls both memory and emotions.

Cerebellum. I think we are all victims of one of the most embarrassing effects of alcohol: falls and slips. It happens because drinking alcohol after a time, the cerebellum loses its ability to coordinate muscle movements, becoming rough and uncoordinated.

Hypothalamus and pituitary gland. They are the center of the sexual activity. As the alcohol level in your blood increases, so does sexual desire and arousal. So, sometimes we make bad decisions after the third glass.

Brainstem. Suddenly, the heartbeat start to feel stronger and a wave of unbearable heat reaches our body. Yes, this is also a bad move of alcohol on our brain, because the stem is responsible for controlling body functions that are carried out without even thinking about them, such how are you.