¡Matte lipstick is completely in right now! And not just because Kylie Jenner use it at all times when we see her, but because it truly highlights the best of our lips in color that we like and left for any skin type, shape and style. I love this trend!

There are many existing brands that have boosted their typical matte colors, and although we love the trend, is a blow to our pockets. That’s why today I want to show a super easy trick to make your lipstick becomes a matte painting in just one step.

Turn your favorite lipstick in a matte lipstick

Keep in mind that the ideal is to use a lipstick that moisturizes your lips, as the matte lipsticks are delicate, and must have smooth lips to show it off perfectly. Before using your lipstick color, put some lip moisturizer (cream cocoa, lipbalm, etc)

How do I make my regular lipstick in a matte lipstick?

Well it’s quite simple. Put your lipstick on your lips following the shape of the lips, fingers and then put some talc or translucent loose powder. This ingredient absorbs fixed brightness and color of lipstick you chose.

You can touch up with a cosmetic or beauty blender sponge to better distribute the powder on your lips.

Dare to experiment!

This is a trick that served with any lip color. Try a nude color, orange, brown and red. Simple and sexy at the same time!