Being under the water has always been a fantasy of many women. Who wouldn’t want to live the life of a seductive, free and beautiful mermaid? Not coincidentally, all the mermaids have an enviable figure… It’s because they do so much exercise! And the new sport trend has been inspired by tails and the sea; I give you Mermaid Fitness.

Mermaids, as mythological creatures, have a natural and daily aerobic exercises that require strength and endurance amazing program.Combining it was easy!The result was the Mermaid Fitness: a style of gymnastics with the healing practice of yoga, the yoga principles toning and cardiovascular flow, making the experience something unique in low or deep waters. Like swimming and certain styles of yoga, Fitness Mermaid is challenging and yet serene.

Practicing this exercise requires you a warm, preparation and a bit of imagination, as the teams (the beautiful mermaid tails) transport you to a kind of sea game completely seductive. Who doesn’t like to exercise while playing like a child? Each lesson gives you the opportunity to become that be fish and half man who always wanted to be.

What are the benefits of Mermaid Fitness?

The general welfare is tied to your physical and mental health. This exercise helps you burn calories, tone your body and also to balance your mind. A lot of concentration and creativity is needed to do this kind of exercise, then you should let yourself go without any prejudice and just enjoy while you feel your body works and burns fat.

Besides … This exercise is the best way to have abdominal and lower belly. Read Here: Tips to get rid of your belly

Why use mermaid tails?

Well … is called Mermaid Fitness for something right? The mermaids have always been a symbol of power, strength, beauty and grace, and all those qualities seem to come naturally from his deep belief in themselves and their strong tails. Mermaids incarnate well being. Besides … It’s fun getting in the water with a tail like you were born fish !.

Who can practice Mermaid Fitness?

Everyone can practice it! All you need are basic swimming skills. You must feel comfortable being in the water, but you will be an expert swum. There are several tools to help you stay afloat depending on how you feel most comfortable.

If you’re shy, let me tell you that there are different types of mermaid tails: from tails that are accurate in what would be a mermaid tail, to comfortable shaped tail fins replicas – leaving the freest legs to your movements.

Dare, feel beautiful. You don’t need to be skinny to enjoy this exercise, you just need a bit like playing under water, have fun, learn to trust yourself and burn calories while you’re the best mermaid you can become. Nothing like being a mermaid for an hour … Maybe you could even meet a prince!

I can’t wait to try this trend. And you?