And to finish the week, there’s nothing like a refreshing mixed fruits frapé so you can fight those heat waves while drinking something healthy!

One or two cups of tea a day, help sleep and may also have antispasmodic effects. It is also recommended if intestinal or bronchial spasms of nervous origin, as well as for menstrual cramps.


Its properties act to safeguard the heart of potential risks and also has an antiinflammatory effect that is great for people with muscle problems or pain OSes.


  • 1/2 L Yogurt
  • Fresay pulp of passion fruit or passion (Passion fruit) frozen
  • Sugar to taste


Shake the yogurt in a blender with half the contents of each pulp and sugar, until they are completely hail! And serve!

This mixed fruits recipe It’s really easy to make and you’ll love! Have a great weekend!