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For me, equal opportunities means having the opportunities that everybody in this country has. 

When I first moved to the United States, my brother had only one year living here. He had a roommate and we all lived together, 3 immigrants chasing a common dream, having economical freedom from our families. While working our way up with two jobs, paying college, and trying to make a living, my brother and I discovered the importance of building good credit, but he did not have the same luck as me.

Our roommate was keeping our part of the rent without us knowing and one day, we were kicked out of the apartment. Since my brother was the one who signed the lease, we paid the consequences and his good credit was gone.

We decided to move together, start again and rent another apartment with my good credit and help him to rebuild his credit so he could have the confidence to achieve his dreams and live the life he was working so hard to have.

 You are more than a credit score. Your credit score is not written in stone and it won’t fix itself.

 I learned that from this traumatic event. 

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 This is the first thing we did, finding how his credit gave us the facts to be able to plan ahead. 

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It’s important to be patient with the process. The amount of time for repairing credit varies from person to person depending on the information on your credit report and how you’re going about credit repair.  

We started small, we knew it was going to take time but we will succeed, and this bad experience was not going to mark our destiny. We wanted to have the best life in this country, we wanted to be business owners, buy a house, and hopefully one day, be able to bring our family to the United States. 

 If you are in a bad place now, please breathe and read this carefully. 

 There is hope, there is hope, there is hope.

You are probably now thinking there is no way out, but trust me, there is. 

First of all, know your facts. 

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Time passed and here we are. My brother was able to fix his credit, adopt a healthy financial lifestyle and now owns two homes. And believe it or not, he married an accountant! So I think he will have good credit forever! 

Life has a way to teach us and guide us in a way we can’t imagine. I’m a business owner, I own properties and finally, plan on bringing my parents and give them the opportunity of living the American dream with us. 









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