You’ve dived headfirst into an eco-friendly lifestyle. Congratulations! That’s an important, meaningful step — for the health of our people and planet. But there’s still so much to do. It’s up to us to introduce sustainability to our friends and family. After all, we won’t get too far if no one’s on board.

Here are a few ways to encourage others to make greener choices:

1. Share Relatable Facts

We come across large numbers and vast statistics about climate change that aren’t comprehendible right away. Yes, scientists expect the global sea level to rise massively by the end of this century — but how does that truly impact us? Sometimes, people need to be aware of more relatable facts.

For instance, it takes around 829 gallons of water to make a cheeseburger with toppings. Share that fact with a meat-lover as a way to convince them to cut back. Did your sister buy a new pair of jeans? Tell her about the detrimental impacts of fast fashion on the environment and workers. If people can understand that their actions play a role, they’ll be more likely to make a change.



2. Create a Volunteer Group

Ask your neighbors to get involved with a community volunteer group. You can either focus on a single cause or pursue many — there’s no wrong way to make a positive change. When everyone chooses to work together, we can accomplish even the most extraordinary goals.

You can clean up your town’s river, hold a monthly donation drive or plant a neighborhood garden. There’s a ton of activities out there. When you head out and make a difference, you can bond with others. As a bonus, volunteer groups make it easier for older citizens to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. They may not be able to do so on their own — so that’s where you come into play.

3. Introduce New Products

Are you a fan of an environmentally-friendly brand? Share some of their products with your loved ones! Whether you’re obsessed with a natural deodorant or recently found a vegan makeup remover, it’s time to alert the world. Often, someone wants to lead a greener life, but they don’t know where to begin. Unlike major companies, sustainable businesses cater to a niche audience.

That’s why it’s essential to inform others. When your dad needs a new bottle of laundry detergent, direct him toward your favorite package-free soap. Take your spouse to a local furniture store instead of Target. You could also gift certain items to others for birthdays and holidays.

Sometimes, people need a few recommendations to set out on the right path.

4. Emphasize the Money Aspect

When you take green initiatives, your bank account becomes much happier. No one can resist a cash incentive, so why not share a few tidbits with your friends and family? They’ll be more inclined to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

In the United States, commercial and residential buildings contribute to 12% of total greenhouse gas emissions. So, when we use our lights, stoves and heaters, there’s a negative effect. Of course, companies charge for those services, too. But we can lower our bills and help the Earth at the same time.

Recommend energy-efficient appliances when acquaintances and relatives remodel their homes. LED bulbs and programmable thermostats can make a huge difference. The same idea goes for transportation. If people ride their bikes, they’ll save money on gas as they reduce their carbon footprints.

Bring Others Along on Your Sustainable Journey

It isn’t easy to live a green lifestyle. But once you do so for yourself, you can educate others so that everyone can come along on your journey. When everyone realizes the benefits of sustainability, we’ll experience a better world.