Does your hair look opaque and lifeless? Today I’ll explain you a clever tip lighten and beautify your hair using an ingredient you have at home, cinnamon. Try this natural lightening for your hair.

Cinnamon isn’t just lightening but also smells nice. Click here to learn more about cinnamon benefits.

You only need:


  • Cinnamon powder
  • Hair conditioner


How to use it:


  • Just add the cinnamon powder to your hair conditioner, then cover completely your hair and rub up and down.
  • Use a comb to make sure the mix is spread uniformly. Clip your hair upwards, you can wear a bathing cap to keep it safely in its place, leave the mix for all night. Wash with water and shampoo early next day..


This mix is perfectly safe for your hair, you can use more than use if you want your hair to really take brightness.

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