I’m fat, I’m thin, I got a pimple, my hair is a disaster, my nail polish is horrible, my hair’s turning gray, that wrinkle is new!… are those stretch marks?  We see tons of imperfections when we stare at the mirror. Men see us differently… I will prove it. These are the things men will never notice.

Even if you feel that there have a lot of imperfections to correct, you need to know that you are overreacting.  

These are the 4 things men will NEVER notice on your body.

  • Hair with split ends

Whenever our hair is flyaways, dry, or it just needs a haircut, we start complaining about our hair split ends. Trust me, I assure you that most of men don’t even know what a split end is.

  • Cellulite and stretch marks

When we see our cellulite and stretch marks we want to start crying, having perfectly toned legs is a universal dream! The truth is that 99% of women have cellulite and stretch marks. Believe me when I tell you men don’t notice it even when it is so evident for us.

Having something “flabby” in our bodies is a synonym of  good old times, for example, stretch marks from pregnancy, varicose veins for having been wearing heels for so long, etc…

  • Pubic hair

It is a matter of preferences, isn’t it? Most of us pluck everything in order to feel more feminine  and we horrify when the tip of the hair starts to show up. This is something men don’t really care about. Besides, there is no shame on it, it is a natural process of the body.

  • Saggy breasts

I know this is a self-esteem destroyer itself. After having been with us for years, men don’t care if we have saggy breasts. They love breasts without discrimination, big, small, saggy, fake. Love your breasts as they are, and so will your man.

The important part is that you love yourself, love your strengths and weaknesses, learn that nobody is perfect and that your imperfections make you who you are. A unique special beautiful person! Do you agree?