Yes I know! Sometimes even mention “her” make us blush.

Our little friend the vagina.

Americans are more used to mention it by her name, we, Latinas have a lot of names for her.

I think we’ve been unfair with her, man are so proud of his penis and talk about him all the time, but that’s another subject for another blog post!

Many women prefer natural treatments for taking care of vaginal problems. Most women will suffer from vaginal itching at some point in their lives… there is a natural solution out there for you

Let’s focus on giving you the natural remedies you can you use if she is not felling so well.

If you can’t find a good match here, then visit a homeopath. There are literally thousands of possible remedies to choose from and the better the match to your circumstances the more effective a remedy will be.

  1.  Arnica: applied topically as a cream. You can also use Arnica tincture diluted in water and do some washes with it.
  2. Caléndula: for temporary relief of vaginal dryness due to menopause or post-menopause.
  3. Garlic: a great antibiotic, you should always eat it. Use garlic as a suppository. Peel a garlic clove, wrap it in sterile gauze, lubricate it with vegetable oil and insert it into the vagina. Leave a piece of the gauze sticking out so you can locate it easily. Change the suppository every 12 hours. Garlic has powerful anti-fungal properties.
  4. Equinacea: oral/injectable Echinacea for vaginal Candida.
  5. Hammamelis: dull, aching, ovarian pain is relieved by hamamelis.
  6. Vinegar: bathe with vinegar to relieve symptoms. Fill the tub about hip deep with warm water and add 1/2 c. vinegar. Soak with legs apart until water cools.
  7. Aloe Vera: Apply pure aloe vera gel to relieve itching.