The year ends and before starting a new cycle I want to share some rituals to start on the right foot of the New Year.

I’ve adopted a deep clean of my house every time the year ends. First of all, because that’s an ecological way for me not to get allergies, and second because I want my house to be very light to receive lots of good vibes. There are many very simple and effective methods, without getting into complicated magical rituals.

1. One of the most effective ways I know is cleaning with water, vinegar, and salt, of course, if the floors are wood, do not use salt, just water, and vinegar, and then add a bit of salt in the corners. When you do this type of cleaning, it should be complemented by cleaning glass windows with ammonia and placing bouquets of lavender in the room to keep the environment clean, pleasantly perfumed well.


2. Another effective method is to burn coffee, like incense, in a Sahumerio, in this case, you should leave the house for about an hour and when you get back, open the windows and ventilate, plus put some incense that you like, this is because coffee makes a great smoke burning, itchy eyes and smells very strong (I would say that stinks).

3. A good way to break the stagnant energies and put them in motion is, once a thorough cleaning is made, ie the spring or winter cleaning, that one when you wash the curtains and rearrange the cabinets, take two large lids of pans and beat them, like cymbals, throughout the rooms, children can help with this and they will have a blast, then do the same, but with a glass and a spoon, to start a nice glass. “tinnn”

4. Related to sound, other cleaning method is to put music I recommend Tibetan monks.

5. Candlelight?  have a black and a white candle in every room of the house, put a glass of water next to them, and a stick of incense, preferably lavender or lemon.