After cooking with such care and for long hours so that everything is perfect, dinner is a success and everyone is happy, but, what do I do now with so much food leftover? Far from being a problem, it’s a miracle that these days we have food, but not always want to eat the same thing two or three more days, so let’s see what we can do with all this:

How to get the most out of new year’s eve food leftover

  1. Give away: There are many people who have not had the same abundance as you and can make them happy with that meal. Even friends and family will thank you if you obsequies them a good piece of dessert they both liked that night.
  2. Create new dishes from leftovers: with a little creativity you can make new dishes that give it a different flavor, for example, You can shred the turkey and match with dressings to make a meatloaf.
  3. Discard the perishable and frozen all you can: This is always the best choice! fresh salads have a short life span but other foods, including bread and desserts can be placed in plastic containers and place in the freezer for several days.