Today I give you some options to have a great weekend, and exercising is a great, funny and healthy idea. Today I’ll talk about Pilates and Yoga to try to answer some questions that have made some readers.

First, Yoga is an ancient discipline, in existence since 3000 BC, whereas Pilates began to be practiced in 1920.

For its part, Pilates helps maintain excellent muscle condition, lose weight, to be fluent in body movements while providing physical and mental wellbeing. Also, Yoga, allows relaxation, calm anxiety, elasticity can work in the body and provides a feeling of well-being by the individual.

On calories burned, I can tell you that as a beginner in a Pilates session you can lose about 252 calories, while one Yoga Hatha, only around 189.

Both disciplines promote concentration, tone the body and are excellent to reduce daily stress. What’s your favorite?

Let’s check this cool infographic to know more about pilates and yoga.

Pilates vs Yoga What is the Best Option to Exercise?