As my blog is about Lifestyle and Life is everything, I always like at this time of the year to remember what I heard when I was little over and over everywhere. I’ll give you a very easy to follow recommendations to take care of your family.

If traveling by car:
Check that everything is in order and good tires, brakes, gas, oil, lights, etc..
Always use safety belts and ensures that all passengers are using it too.
Respect the speed limits.
Do not expose any part of your body out of the car.
If you carry children, use the child seat according to their height.
Do not drink a single drop of alcohol.
Do not be distracted using a cell phone, drinking, smoking or eating.
Avoid driving tired and if the journey is long, try to take short rest periods at least every four hours.
Respect traffic signals.

If going to a pool or water park:

Do not drink or enter glass container or metal inside the pool.
If it’s raining, do not be in the pool.
Never leave your children alone, even if they can swim.
Check the depth before entering.
You should not swim in rivers, canals, streams or any place where there are streams.
If you can not swim, use a suitable float (floats, vests, tires, etc..).
Respect the rules.
If you go for a walk with the family, do not expose yourself to sunlight for prolonged periods, especially in the hours when the sun’s rays are strongest (from 11 to 16 hrs).

And for all sides:
Respect the rules of the facilities and nature.
Never lose sight of children.
If you make a bonfire, make sure to extinguish the fire completely.
Walk in safe places, avoid injuries and falls.
You should walk down the sidewalk.
Cross the street at corners.
Before crossing the street look at both ways and do so with caution.
You should not run across the street.