Planet Earth is suffering the consequences of our lack of awareness of the care that we owe to it. Pollution is getting worse, and it is no coincidence that 2015 has been recorded as the warmest year on our planet.

That’s why today I want to dedicate this post to review our habits to make them greener, and support the recycling of those things that may seem to us useless or difficult to recycle than see them as non-recyclable

It’s important to understand that recycling does not imply that large companies can reuse bottles, paper or aluminum cans (same help in some way), but could begin to recycle at home, reusing some things for our benefit, rather than throwing it away away. Today I want to show you how to recycle what’s not recyclable.

This is how we recycle what’s not recyclable

It is true that not everything is recyclable, and there are things that will always end up filling landfills and pollute more. The idea is to be creative and avoid burdening the environment with more harmful things. Do you know how to differentiate not recyclable items?

Here are some items that are not recyclable in recycling bins

Stained boxes, broken glass, Styrofoam, some boxes with plastic lining (such as milk cartons and juice), some types of plastic (such as garbage bags and plastic bags).

How can we recycle what’d not recyclable to use them at home?

  • From pizza boxes (the dirty ones) reuse the clean cardboard spaces to make napkins, Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, etc.
  • With broken glass you can create creative ornaments or take it to places that make practices so they can melt glass in spectacular ornaments.
  • With foam, which is very hard for the planet, you can reuse it to make material for your pedicure, or for filling a pillow, chair or sofa you have.
  • About plastic, you can reuse Ziploc bags, wash them and put them to dry. I generally prefer organic bags I bought once and always bring to market.
  • If you have plastic bottles you could try these beautiful ideas click here.

Be creative with your articles, you find them all a second use before taking them away and continue polluting the planet. Best of all is to avoid buying pollutants items and start thinking green when making purchases.