The color of the light and certain objects affect our reflexes, our decision making, and our mood. The colors of the wall of your house, the colors which surround you, all of these can affect you.

As for therapeutic effects, the brigthness and the architectural color or our roof, walls, and furniture, are the most influential ones, since they stay the same for years. So, today we will learn some facts about this.

Illumination influence in our health

That way they influence us greatly. The quality of the artificial illumination is important for human health, as it is for the security of our work performance.

Here I list different interesting points on illumination influence:

  1. The brightness influences the visual acuity and the color vision.
  2. A bright light, ranging from 800 to 1000 lux, tells us when it is day time and cheers us up without the need of Tabaco or coffee, since it supplies serotonin to our brain, the hormone which is in charge of activity and good humor.
  3. Besides the quantity of brightness, what also affects us on our neurophysiological level, are the colors of the light, as it is evident that the happier and brighter colors motivate us in a positive way.
  4. The abuse of white colors in interiors, or using mostly sad and serious colors like grey or beige while dressing up, are symptoms of depression.
  5. Nowadays we have modern fluorescent lamps which produce a pure white colored light, similar to sun light, which allows us the correct visualization of colors. With the exact use of electronic ballasts, which vibrate to 20.000 Hz, we eliminate the visual fatigue, and the stress to blink due to the brightness. The lamps also do save energy, and last longer than normal bulbs.