If you play sports or are looking forward to doing some physical activity, you should know that each exercise requires the right shoes and clothing to prevent injury and health problems in the future. ¡Especially if it has to do with your feet!

Choosing the right shoes is important because most disciplines require specific rubber shoes to avoid risks. Never buy shoes only because they are cute because when it comes to sports must prioritize the safety and comfort they give you.

The life of our beloved overshoes of luck will end at some point. Footwear normally lasts about 300 hours of use, and when wear begins is time to discard …

Remember that your health is at stake! That’s why it’s time to buy some new shoes.

Every physical activity needs the right shoes

There are thousands of choices! And since sports can be grouped into categories, today I want to give you some guidelines for choosing the right shoes for each physical activity you do. Take note:

Cardio (walking, running, and hiking): You should get a shoe with a soft top that has gripped on the foot, good cushioning, soft tread, and a curved sole that allows a good sliding foot. What you should look for is flexibility, control, and overall stability in the heel.

Court sports (tennis, basketball, and volleyball): In these activities, the body has to move forward and backward, side to side; For this, I recommend a sports shoe for intense sports, and whose sole fits the sole of the court (smooth, corrugated, flat, etc.)

Field sports (football, baseball, rugby): Because they are practiced on grass, you need grip for stability and speed of discipline, therefore wear shoe cleats, or spikes, which vary by sport.


Take this into account when buying the right shoes:

  • Don’t rely on shoe size, measure your feet.
  • Try the shoe with the larger foot (there is always a bigger foot than other)
  • Use the stockings (socks) you almost always use to train, because the thickness of the shoe is important for foot comfort.