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Why don’t you try a different way to practice Pilates? One where you must get up and entrench your feet to the floor. It’s about the same Pilates we know, only instead of lie down on the mat, we step on the it: Standing Pilates. Practicing standing pilates is not only fun, it’s extremely beneficial for our body for several reasons.

It’s an ideal exercise for anyone, even for those with osteoporosis, since the active gravity and strengthens bones. Patients with this condition may be able to gradually rebuild bone density; therefore, it is great for those who want to prevent this disease. Also, as we are designed to walk and move, by exercising standing up we transfer what we worked in class to our everyday life, so it is a more functional work to our day.

It also helps to work our balance. We have a constant natural resistance: gravity; because our body needs it so must find the balance not to fall, which in turn increases the concentration.  When we practice standing Pilates, we require a greater use of our brain than just lying still, as the work of balance increases, forcing us to be more concentrated. And when we work on balance, the center of the body is strengthened, achieving wonderful results regarding toning deep abdomen.

Finally, performing this training system allows proper alignment of the body, it helps align the spine and strengthens the neck, avoiding the “forward head syndrome”, a very common condition nowadays.

Don’t just stay in bed staring at the ceiling. Dare to try standing Pilates, I guarantee you will love to stand.

Erika De Paz S.

Instagram: @ErikaDPS