People say that your day depends on how you got up… Did you start off on the wrong or the right foot? It doesn’t matter, here I share 8 steps to make your day start off on the right foot!

Your morning routine is the one that will define your day’s success, how productive you will be, your mood and attitude. So plan it well and follow these steps!

These are the steps that you need to take:

  1.      Get up early: You will take advantage of the morning and you will have time to plan the rest of your day. People who wake up early are more efficient and productive.
  2.      Get some coffee or tea to go along with your morning: Waking up with the smell of coffee recharges your energy. Take your cup of coffee or tea and feel your body grow stronger.
  3.      Stretch: wake your body up by stretching or doing yoga. By doing this you will have your muscles ready and you will have energy for the rest of the day.
  4.      Have breakfast!: It is completely essential to have breakfast, because it is the most important meal of the day, it reduces anxiety, provides energy and controls your weight.
  5.      Set daily goals up: it is better to follow a plan to make things work out, instead of just wandering around to see what to do. Make a plan, you will be more efficient.
  6.      Take a shower: Taking a shower in the morning will make you feel fresh and will remove the slumber. It also will improve your blood flow and will reduce stress.
  7.      Get some music: To provide you with energy and change your mood, play your favorite playlist to start the day properly.
  8.      Dress up and feel comfortable: put on some perfume, add livid colors, look at the mirror and repeat “I’m beautiful”. Leaving home like that will give more confidence, make you feel happy, and full of energy.

What is your morning routine to start off on the right foot? Share your experience in the comments