If we start our week with a nutritional regimen, it will be easier to be disciplined the rest of the week. If you want to lose weight you need to try these fat burning foods.

I invite you to try these tips!


When you take a proper breakfast you restore your body for its previous night fast, this makes you feel less hunger throughout the rest of the day. Remember that a proper breakfast consist on combining milk, cereals, and fruits, with this you will inject vitamins to your body. Add seeds like linseed or chia, it will be great.

Reduce sugar with cinnamon and stevia

Research has demonstrated that when one consumes a teaspoon of cinnamon a day reduces until a 30% glucose and cholesterol levels, also reduces fat in the blood, it contains only 3 calories per gram, stevia is a free-calorie natural sweetener, you can start using this instead of sugar.


Curry, chili pepper, pepper, spices and hot sauces in general generate a higher energy consumption that accelerate the energy combustion and it acts like a fat burner during digestion. Don’t exaggerate with their use since they can cause stomachaches.

No fat

It has been proved that your body burns more fat when you consume food low in it. Even if you have two meals with the same amount of calories, the one that is richer in proteins and carbohydrates will burn the calories faster (thermogenesis) than the other.

D Vitamin

If you consume 120 grams of eggs or fish every day, you will help your metabolism transform this food in muscles.