The number of individuals living with their partners has increased by almost 900% in the last 50 years, making it a popular choice that raises over the years. However, not all couples seem to be prepared for the responsibility and changes that come with this big move.

Many people think that living together with their partner will result in endless date nights, countless nights of bedtime fun, and having a permanent sleepover with an everlasting love. But what about the boring and unexpected elements of living with your partner that no one really likes to discuss, like financial responsibility and conflicts?

Are You Really Ready?

So you have begun considering the big move with your partner, and you’re more excited than ever for what this new journey will bring. However, it may not be as exciting as you imagined. How well do you really know your partner and their habits, and are you willing to overcome the struggles of dealing with them every day? Chances are, there are some habits and pet peeves that your partner has that you may not be fully equipped for or ready to handle. Often, couples function on different schedules, which can become a conflict for those who try spending time with their partner when they normally would be working or sleeping. Circumstances such as these need to be carefully considered and communicated with your partner to ensure that you understand each other’s individual needs.

Finances And Adulting

One major area of conflict for couples when becoming new roommates is the discussion of finances. Sure, it’s one of the most boring and time-consuming conversations you may have with your partner, but it’s also one of the most important. Together, you must discuss the share of expenses and decide who will pay what depending on your specific circumstances. Things like bills, home expenses, food, and date nights all need to be factored into this conversation. As a couple, you also may want to consider addressing whether or not the two of you will plan to move into a new home in the near future.

Boring, Yet Satisfying

Moving in with your partner is a significant and important decision that will either make or break the rest of your relationship depending on how well you plan it out. Sure, there will be boring aspects of the journey as well as annoyances throughout your relationship that you may not have encountered if you never made this move. However, it can be a satisfying and comforting experience to know that the love of your life is sharing your home with you. No matter which decision you and your partner make, remember to consider all of the factors before making any permanent moves, no matter how boring and irrelevant they may seem.