A key aspect of a solid romantic relationship is the valuable time that you spend together. With workweeks often being hectic, strong couples are the ones who make the most of the time they spend together. Part of maintaining a solid relationship is being sure that you prioritize getting out of the house for date nights.

A date night does not have to be extravagant or expensive—it is all about selecting the right details that work for you, be it a quick outing or a longer hang out. Here, we explore several aspects of what makes a great date night.


Dress the Part: Wear the Picture-Perfect Outfit

How you dress for your date night can often be a reflection of your mood for the whole evening. Make your outfit special and find a dress that makes you feel confident, then pair it with your favorite accessories for a little something special.

If you are going somewhere high-end, think about luxurious fabrics and festive details (like sequins) to help you make the most of your date night dress. Get creative with how and where you shop and try to think outside the box.

For example, high school may be long behind you, but browsing homecoming dresses can help you find excellent date night dress options at a surprisingly reasonable price (and no one will know you found it in the juniors department!).

Food for Thought: Go Out for a Meal

A meal is a wise way to start off any date night. Food brings couples together and gives you an opportunity to talk face-to-face in an intimate setting. A great meal is also sure to put you in a good headspace for the rest of the evening.

With your partner, discuss the types of food that you’re in the mood for. If you feel indecisive, browse reviews of local restaurants and look around for places you have never tried together.

When you arrive at your dinner date, make a conscious effort to remain present in the moment. For example, put your phones away and just enjoy each other’s company right there at that moment. This will help make the date night more fun, memorable, and personal.

Continue the Fun: Plan an Activity

You are all dressed up and you just enjoyed a wonderfully delicious dinner. Instead of going straight home, consider planning an activity instead. While dinner and a movie is a classic combo, there are also other options to explore.

Browse local news sites for interesting cultural events in your area, then talk to your partner about what mutually interests you the most. Do you want to head to the theater and check out a Broadway show with a lot of hype? Would you prefer a small, lighthearted gathering at a comedy club? Are you in the mood for a performance by a talented musician or a local ballet troupe?

The choice is all yours. Pick the activity that interests you both as a couple and simply enjoy the experience together.

Wine: The Flawless Ending

While fashion, food, and fun are essential parts of a successful date night, the wine you select is also a very important component to consider—and it is the ideal way to end the evening. There is something incredibly intimate about sharing a bottle of wine together. Find a local wine bar that offers tastings, then try samples together until you find the most satisfying option.

Select your wine, then relax. If you’re married, enjoying this simple pleasure together can bring back precious memories of your wedding and honeymoon. It is a wonderful way to enjoy each other’s company and remember what makes your relationship so strong: your connection. Choose wisely, as the right glass of wine is the ideal conclusion to your perfect date night.