Six minutes before feeling the “heat”…

I’m sure that when you say “just a sip,” you don’t know that alcohol takes only six minutes to reach your brain and start making its … magic? Tingling in the body, skin redness and intense sweat that does nothing but cool us down… Yes, I’m talking about the famous hot flashes that can come to feel in a night of drinking when we drink.

If you drink, after having that drink, blood absorbes alcohol through the lining of the small intestine, immediately affecting your circulatory system. This will cause your heart rate and blood pressure increases, creating a suffocating heat. Open blood vessels fill with blood and become more visible under your skin, creating heat stroke.

Blood carries alcohol to your brain, where it affects your hypothalamus, which, coincidentally, is the part that regulates body temperature. But we must be clear that it doesn’t necessarily cause heat, because if you are in a cold environment, you will probably get colder.

Alcohol is associated with hot flashes while it remains in your system. However, in the long term may have a completely different effect since infrequent use of alcohol can reduce the risk of hot flashes in menopausal women.This is because it increases levels of blood sugar, which helps reduce hot flashes. So we shouldn’t drink too much because it may help, but it can also cause us problems that complicate menopause.

Now you know why every time you make feel the world gets warmer around. Keep a rubber band on hand and drink water!