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5 Steps to lose weight without harming your health

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Admit it … Women do everything possible to look good and take away those extra pounds. We’ve even dare to try some crazy ones! Here are 5 Steps to lose weight without harming your health. Include these 5 effective tips into your daily routine and you will realize that losing weight was always a healthy


Desintoxica, Detox, Yellow Monday

New Week New Diet


  Do you want to start the Gym this week? The training is something every athlete and those who are not so much of an athlete should take. This creates a perfect state to face competitions, and in the case of those of us who are simply mortals, to face everything regarding training. You should


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5 tips to consider before going on a diet


Being healthy and in good shape requires some changes, and what change can be better than a diet to lose weight? However there are some factor that you should take into consideration before starting any kind of diet, by doing that you will realize that it is more than just something temporary, it is a


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My Fit Journey con Figurella


Nuestra vida es ocupada. Corres de un lado para el otro , te levantas temprano , desayunas , te montas en tu auto ,llegas al trabajo y cuando llega la noche , sólo quieres llegar a casa a comer,atender a los tuyos y caer en la cama. ¿Cuándo queda tiempo para ti ? Las mujeres