5 Steps to lose weight without harming your health

lose weight


Admit it … Women do everything possible to look good and take away those extra pounds. We've even dare to try some crazy ones! Here are 5 Steps to lose weight without harming your health.

Include these 5 effective tips into your daily routine and you will realize that losing weight was always a healthy possible choice, without having to try crazy diets.

1) Eat homemade food

This is precisely what will make you lower your weight. Homemade food is healthier because you control the amount of salt and fat in your ingredients. Take your lunch to work and avoid completely eating fast food.

2) Try snacks that are natural

You can eat snacks to boost your metabolism, but you must choose healthy options: a small handful of almonds, an apple, a cup of popcorn. Things always in good measure. These are the snacks that you cannot miss on your desktop for anxiety attacks.

3) Eat breakfast light

Make your breakfast no more than 300 calories. You can eat oatmeal with peanut butter, oatmeal pancakes, an arepa with 2 clear. The options are almost limitless! Do not forget to add fiber.

4) Train yourself into your daily routine:

Incorporate exercise into your day. Walk to work, take the stairs, walk your pet, dance while you clean your house. Any type of aerobic exercise is good for burning calories!

5) Eat more vegetables

The key to good nutrition is to include lots of vegetables to your dishes, because they are delicious, versatile, full of lots of fiber, nutrients and are very low in calories.

You know that losing weight is not impossible, as long as you set your mind to. Do not forget to mix a good workout with an easy diet to follow. Measure your efforts, celebrate your accomplishments and keep it going.


New Week New Diet



Do you want to start the Gym this week?

The training is something every athlete and those who are not so much of an athlete should take. This creates a perfect state to face competitions, and in the case of those of us who are simply mortals, to face everything regarding training.

You should know the importance of having some glycogen and be hydrated, because if you don’t have the right amount of energy stored in you you won’t train at your best.

So, ready to go to the Gym? Do you want to know how to burn fat and be fine?


What an athlete or a person who wants to start training need is a diet rich in carbohydrates or sugar, Giving importance to starchy food without refining, rich in complex sugar, which are an important source of vitamins and minerals, it also reduces the total intake of fat and proteins.

Refined sugar must be reduced: cakes, cookies, candy… because they have a high number of calories and fat. You must not starve, since mood is more powerful than training.

What really matters is the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.

Food rich in carbohydrates:

  • Whole grain cereal: rice
  • Flour and derivatives: bread, spaghetti
  • Nuts: fig, chestnut
  • Fresh fruits
  • Legumes: lentils, chickpeas
  • Fresh or frozen vegetables: peas, lentils

It has been proved that it is ideal to consume around 500 g daily (or from 8 to 10 g per kilo you have) of carbohydrates, but this represents some problems: In a regular diet of 3000 Kcal only 300g of carbohydrates are consumed, so you by consuming a little bit more you can get up to the 500 g.

Nowadays, it is advisable that carbohydrates compound a 55-60% of the total amount of energy, so it is not a problem to eat to be healthy and in shape (except for hypocaloric diets).

Proteins must be a 10-15% of the daily calories, though there are differences regarding this. As long as you feel ok and they provide you with energy everything is fine. If you are a vegetarian you must eat your legumes, grains and take vitamins and aminoacids in different forms.


5 tips to consider before going on a diet


Being healthy and in good shape requires some changes, and what change can be better than a diet to lose weight?

However there are some factor that you should take into consideration before starting any kind of diet, by doing that you will realize that it is more than just something temporary, it is a lifestyle.

I share 5 tips to consider before starting a diet

Don’t let people tell you what to eat, go see a specialist

It is quite common to copy the neighbor’s diet, or a friend’s, or a relative’s. It is better to go to a nutritionist so he or she could tell us what is better for us. Remember that each body is different, and each person has different needs.

“Magical or miraculous” diets aren’t good and in most of the cases they don’t even work

You need to understand that these diets take out some basic foods; this could endanger our health and if you manage to lose some weight I guarantee you will gain it back… Yo-yo effect.

Exercising is essential in any diet

Exercising is the key to lose weight and transform the “excess” of fat into fiber and muscle.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping a meal might sound irrelevant, but the truth is that if you skip one, you will be anxious and you will end up eating whatever you can come across and you might destroy the effort you have been putting on.

Willpower is vital

“No one will do a diet for you.” Experts remark that it depends on each one of us if the diet works or fails. It is important that one be prepared for the sacrifices it will demand.


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