It’s time to pull on your gloves and get to work.

Create a realistic schedule, keeping in mind that a single weekend won’t suffice, as you’ll need several days for more involved projects, such as shampooing carpets and organizing closets.

But first , let me give you a checklist of things you can start doing.

  1. Rearrange shelves. Clean the shelves and sell old books or donate them to a local charity. If your neighborhood library is raising funds with book fairs, consider donating your books to support the next event.
  2. Say goodbye to yesterday’s news. Magazines and newspapers tend to multiply.Recycle them along with other papers that tend to accumulate: oldest church bulletins, takeout menus, brochures, advertising, event calendars and receipts from stores, among others.
  3. Clear your calendar. Have too many obligations? Have many activities and commitments can deplete your energy and enthusiasm. Learn to say ‘no’, diplomatically and politely. That way, you’ll have more time for activities you enjoy with people you love.
  4. Dust off your desktop. You may first have to find it under that pile of papers “important.”Recycle papers you no longer need and file the rest. Avoid excessive use sticky notes and a journal to record what you have to do and reminders.
  5. Say goodbye to those old cosmetics. What’s at the bottom of the makeup bag?
  6. Refresh your look. Celebrate spring cleaning! Get the spring with a new look to go withyour fresh attitude.
  7. Clean up your closet. Keep those tiny jeans with the hope that one day we can use them again. Or we get the same two pairs of black pants and over again, despite the eight other black pants we have in the closet. Rearrange the remainder by color, by type (allblouses together, for example) or by style (casual, executive, elegant). A simple closetrelax your mind and help you have more stress-free morning.
  8. Organize drawers and cupboards. There’s that too many cabinet plastic containers and lids are very few that make game or that drawer full of free samples of cosmetics and fragrances that barely touched. It is not necessary that the orders once. Organize a clean drawer or closet days a week and feel immensely productive and positive.
  9. Clean the pantry and refrigerator. Check the label of each spice, tin and container and throw those foods that are already up. Remember to recycle all containers.
  10. Get rid of expired medicines. Whether remedies or over the counter, throw away that is outdated or unused, take some precautions first.

I found this printable ! feel free to grab it!