One of the most common goals of women for this new year is to lose weight, so today I will give you three infallible exercises that will make you have the figure you’ve always wanted.

Remember to join the exercises with diet so that you get better results, you can burn a lot of calories and so see the fruit of your efforts faster. Click here to read about diet and exercise together.

Are you ready?

3 exercises that will make you lose weight


Tabata: If your excuse to skip the gym is time, Tabata came to make your dream come true. It is a 4 minute high intensity workout. You must choose 4 exercises, each consisting of 20 seconds of maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated 8 times.  It’s recommended not to make this time a habit, but something from time to time, as the body will adapt to it and will no longer make effect.


Yoga: Don’t think of yoga as the “relaxing” training as it keeps you supple and healthy for other more intense workouts like boot camp. Besides yoga requires balance and stability, which promotes functional strength and helps mental health. Try practicing once a week.


Cross Fit: There is a reason that this training has become so famous in the industry, and that is that it works as long as you do not overdo. The workouts are varied, and routines are designed to be short and intense. The most important thing is to find a coach who can explain and modify movements.