The egg is a nutritional source for the human body in any way used, so today I share some quick recipes with this ingredient so you can look shiny.

  • Hair: beating the yolk of an egg, half a teaspoon of rose water and a cup of milk, apply it to your hair at the root for two hours for hair to grow faster.You can also read this recipe for a thicken hair.
  • Face: Make a perfect mask for oily skin with blackheads by beating the white of an egg with a little milk and applying it for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water, helps keep skin smooth and firm with small pores.You can find more amazing recipes for a beautiful skin here.
  • Foot: crushing an eggshell until done powder and add a little olive oil, with this you can exfoliate your feet by massaging.You can also try this recipe for a beautiful feet.