Though it isn’t tough to find a reason to revamp your wardrobe with all new accessories, fall is actually a pretty good excuse to go out and find some new fashion items.

In general, fall fashion can be fairly subtle and muted, with an emphasis on coats and cozy sweaters, but there is a lot of room to play and get creative with your accessories. From stylish watches for women to wide belts paired with romantic dresses to giant statement-making brooches, there are plenty of accessories to add to your fall wardrobe. So, check out these six styles and thank us later.


Belts always seem to drift out of style, only to come drifting back in a few years later. Right now, wide belts are all the rage, especially when paired with a coat or dress. Not only does adding a belt emphasize your silhouette in flattering ways (such as nipping your waist in to give you an hourglass shape), it also add some interest to what might otherwise be a pretty plain outfit. Plus, there are plenty of different types to choose from, including suede and velvet, so play around.


A good, classic watch will literally never go out of style, but it is always a good idea to swap out your old watch for something a little more cool and new. I mean, do you really need an excuse to add a new watch to your arsenal? From a bejeweled style to something a little more minimal and sleek, there are thousands of watches for women to choose from. Plus, a watch is actually functional and if you choose the right one, it will pair well with any outfit.


If you think brooches are something that only your grandmother wears, think again. An eye-catching brooch is one of the best accessories that you can add to your outfit for the fall, whether it is pinned to a jacket lapel or to your cardigan. Plus, brooches have been around for forever and they are incredibly easy to find in vintage stores and second-hand shops, which basically ensures that you will have something totally unique, retro and one-of-a-kind. Or you can always go digging around in your grandmother’s jewelry box and beg to borrow one of hers.

Silk Scarves

silk scarvesThis is another accessory that you can probably easily find in a thrift store or your mom’s closet. Silk scarves are back in style this fall and can basically be paired with any outfit.

Look for cool unique patterns and interesting colors—bonus points if you nab one with some fringe.

You can wear them long around the neck, tied to the side or even play around with tying your hair up with them. Whichever look you go for, you will effortlessly look like a modern-day Sandra Dee.

Cuffs and Bangles

Here is another style that tends to fluctuate in popularity and they are definitely back just in time for fall. When it comes to bangles and cuffs, the larger and more statement-making, the better. Adding a couple pieces, assuming they have enough edge, can instantly make a normal outfit a lot more daring. Though you should stay away from bright colors that will make someone think you popped out of the 80s, you still should not be afraid to mix and match different colors and materials. Choosing bangles and cuffs that are made using dark metals are always a good bet though, especially if they boast an unusual shape and texture.

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Short-Strapped Handbags

Does your purse have a long strap that you can sling over your shoulder or a super long one that you can use as a cross-body purse? If yes, get out to the nearest mall or open up that laptop and find a new purse for fall. Right now, it is all about the boxy handbags that are designed to be carried in your hand—though it is totally okay if the purse also has an additional longer strap. The boxy look to the bags also add interest and structure, which often contrasts super well with the softer overall look of a fall wardrobe.

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