Dogs are man’s best friend. Some dogs are much easier to train as compared to others. This can be attributed to their desire to please their owners and the ability to retain what they are taught. Let’s look at 7 such breeds.

Dogs which cannot get trained quickly are not necessarily less smart. They are just bright in a different field, for example, problem-solving skills. Remember that the ability to take commands from a human and intelligence are two different things. There are also various approaches to step-by-step dog training. We also have hard-to-train dog breeds while some are pretty easy. Let us look at 7 easy to-train dogs that are small.

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1. Australian Terrier

This breed is originally from Australia as the name suggests. It is bred as an exterminator to remove snakes and rodents. They make wonderful companions and watchdogs. The Australian Terrier has a lot of personality in such a small body size. It tends to be strongly attached to its companions to the extent that it can match its mood to yours. When you’re sad, the dog is calm and quiet, when you’re happy it’s frisky and playful. This breed is generally active and loves to entertain its owners. It is great with children, the elderly and the disabled. Be careful when handling it, however, as it tends to be aggressive when over-handled.

Australian Terriers are fast learners so be careful on what you teach them. They keep this behavior throughout their life. Lessons should be interesting since they get bored easily, especially with repetitive training. Positive reinforcement works wonders with this breed.

2. Bishon Frise

These cheerful, small animal breeds are mischievous. They look like a child’s toy because of their fluffy hair. Bishons are small, barely one foot tall. They love to play though they suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. They are suitable for apartments because of their size. 

When training this breed, ensure that you’re firm but gentle. Scolding and harshness do not work with this breed. With proper training, they excel in agility and can participate in rally competitions.

3. Brussels Griffon

This breed is originally from Belgium. It’s also an exterminator. Brussels Griffons are cheerful and affectionate. However, sometimes, they tend to be moody thus requiring a lot of attention from the owner. Despite their size, they are athletic and very heavy. They bond most closely with one person in the family.

They are good apartment dogs. They should be trained not to bark at everything. They are like small children who never grow up and leave and can live to be 15 years old. You need to passionate about small dog care to stay with one for that long though.

4. Chinese Crested

This breed is best for invalids. It is devoted and can be compared to a stalker. The Chinese Crested breeds can lie in bed with a human for several hours without moving. They are not very active. They don’t like strangers and can even bite. They also suffer from separation anxiety, which makes them destructive. These dogs are also very agile and can jump over fences. From a standing position, they can clear up to four feet.

5. Cookapoo

This is a mixed breed of a Cocker spaniel and a poodle hence its name. The breed has a personality similar to a big clown. Cookapoos tend to be people-oriented and forgive quickly. They are very affectionate that it’s hard to get some privacy. They are happy dogs that love to spread happiness.

They are easy to train with positive reinforcement. This breed is unpredictable because of the mixed genes. Be careful with it and take time to learn and understand its nature.

6. Havanese

These are small breeds of dog who thrive on affection. They are called Velcro dogs because of how they stick to their companions. They spread their affection to everyone including strangers. Without a doubt, this is the best lap dog.

Havanese can be trained easily. They have worked as therapy dogs or as assistant dogs. They can be trained to be performance dogs too. However, bad habits can be quickly adopted by this breed, for example, eating people food only. Be careful with this breed though as it might end up being the one training the owner.

7. Japanese Spitz

These are basic dog breeds that are usually kept as family pets. They have so much spirit and personality like a dedicated family member. They are very protective of their family. They are pleasant and get along with other dogs and children.

This breed is very easy to train. It is ideal for first-time dog owners as it learns very fast

This is just a small list of dogs that can be trained easily. Before adopting one, be sure to check the area for specific dog training requirements for each breed. Certain breeds are predisposed to excelling in some areas more than others. So what’s your experience with small dog training? Do you use leashes for small dogs or the famous yorkie training collar? Let us know in the comments.

About the writer: Rachel Burns is an animal lover and journalist based in Dallas. Writing about animals is the job of her dreams. When she’s not writing or spending time with her beloved dog, Charles, she enjoys road cycling.