It’s lunch time? Before you start, take five minutes to read the eight insurance mistakes you made during your lifetime when eating. The key is to realize the next time you are going to do it by habit.

It’s awesome . Probably some time in your life will have made these mistakes when  eating.

1) Don’t eat your lunch in less than two seconds!

Eating slowly helps you feel more satisfied and prevents indigestion.

2) Plastic cutlery for hot food?

This is wrong because hot food such as soup, make plastic spoon hot and expel harmful chemicals. Try to replace it with a metal spoon.

3) Your lunch are basically carbohydrates.

Normally lunches tend to be loaded with carbohydrates, this leads to a drop in energy and for the afternoon and want to eat again.

4) Not eating enough at lunch.

A simple sandwich or a bowl of cereal may leave you hungry and can even make you eat more during the day. Make your meals morning, noon and night are equal in size so that your appetite is stable throughout the day.

5) You eat dessert right after lunch.

I know that dessert is a necessary part of your life, but it is better to wait for later. Choose something healthier like a square of dark chocolate with peanut butter instead of ice cream, not only would be ideal, but that will take your fancy for a while.

6) Throwing cutlery in your purse.

In this case, the cutlery can be mixed with the crumbs that reside at the bottom of your purse, so that their place should be in the container where you take lunch.

7) Plastic container, heat and microwave.

Not a very good combination. Heating your lunch this way causes the plastic is also hot, which causes the chemicals to mix it with your meal. Use specialized or glass containers.

8) Breakfast for lunch.

Your favorite breakfast can taste just as delicious for lunch, they are well balanced, economic and easy to pack.