Some people know the apple cider vinegar as an ingredient to dress our salads, but it has recently gained popularity for its properties. It eases health problems and makes you lose weight.

This is why I have taken the responsibility to inform you some of the benefits that this vinegar has if we add it to our  diets.

How to drink it?

It turns out that the acetic acid that this vinegar contains reduces body fat. It is recommended that you drink it in fast, diluting 2 spoons in a glass of water.

If you drink it at night, we would be helping our body regulate glucose level in our blood. The potassium of the vinegar helps in the control of the blood pressure, and pectin helps absorb fat and cholesterol.

Apple vinegar properties are amazing!

Not only does it have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, but also it helps restoring the acid cloak of our skin. Prepare a mask out of clay and apple vinegar so you can eliminate the toxins that cause acne.

I personally love this product, because it has several benefits not only to improve your health but also your beauty.