Sometimes it can be hard to stay in shape, especially during summer with delicious treats and refreshing beverages everywhere!

Today I wanna share with you the scoop on how the stars stay fit and sexy.

No expensive equipment, no trainers and no crazy amounts of time at the gym… just some good ol´ common sense and great advice 😉

Ready? Go!

Hilary Duff

Being a working single mother can leave you with no time for crazy routines or energy for fade diets (even if you are a star!) and Hilary knows this and swears on circle-training and mini bodyweight routines anyone can do in the comfort of their own living room. She also loves prepping her meals and never eats after 6 pm!

Anne Hathaway

The actress relies on red pepper flakes, hot sauce, chipotle and jalapeño peppers to boost her metabolism.

Bonus? They will give a nice spicy kick to your meals.

Kaley Cuoco

You may think you are eating healthy but take a closer look at what you drink! The occasional soda, iced tea or even an agua fresca can add a lot of empty calories and sugar to your diet real fast.

Sometimes, especially when we are busy we tend to eat fast and do not realize when we are full, to avoid overeating stop halfway through your meal and drink a glass of water. It will give your brain time to register if you are satisfied and will keep you skin glowing and hydrated.

Gigi Hadid

“Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.'”

It´s really all about the balance, cheat meals are a good way to stick to a long term healthy diet without feeling restricted.

Dancing like the stars

Are you really having trouble finding an exercise routine you like?

Maybe you´ve tried yoga, pilates and even spinning but nothing seems to be YOUR thing.

Stars like Kelly Osbourne, Ricki Lake, Margaret Cho and Amber Rose have dramatically lost weight dancing. The trick is finding something you love and then make it an habit.

celebrity diets

Have any other tips to add to the list? Feel free to comment down below 🙂