Don’t use it only to peel potatoes!

We rarely think that utensil has more than one use. We use the coffee filter, sponges and even bags for the “regular” purposes. The vegetable peeler is no exception, but today I want to show you the different ways to take advantage of this utensil.

Check out these 6 awesome ways to use a vegetable peeler:

  1.    Remove strawberry’s stem: with the tip of the peeler, you can remove strawberry’s stem, without wasting any fruit.
  2.    Peel an onion: Not only julienne, but you can make strips with the peeler. No tears!
  3.    Remove chili’s seeds: Just cut the upper part and introduce the peeler inside the chili, remove those super hot seeds without deforming your chili.
  4.    Decorate a lemon: peel different of the lemon’s husk. When you slice it, you will have different shapes. It is perfect to decorate your detox water for dinner.
  5.    Make strips of celery: you can “shave” the stem and make strips of it, easier to eat.
  6.    Make chocolate shavings for your desserts: whenever you have chocolate, you can peel some little pieces, they will give your dishes a gourmet look.

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