We spend most of our time in front of a computer, driving, or studying.  We tend to sit incorrectly and when we stand  our posture isn’t the most appropriate one. This, along with stress and sedentarism, has led many people to suffer from: Forward Head Posture, a posture that makes our neck and head move forward, and the regular curve of our spine is affected as well.

We know our spine is not completely straight: it has curves, they distribute our body’s weight to all the vertebras. When we suffer from this syndrome, the regular curve is deformed: from a natural “S” it becomes a “C”. It might seem unbelievable but for each inch that our head advances our body’s axis, our vertebras take 10 extra pounds; this obviously triggers several serious problems to our health.

More tension on the cervical which is translated as headaches, backaches, neck and shoulder pains. Besides, we could feel dizzy, tingles, and problems with the temporomandibular joint. Correcting this posture isn’t easy: we need to take care of our body and pay more attention to our posture.

We also need to practice pilates, because this exercise provides relaxation to our spine and makes it stronger at the same time.

Currently it is easy to “abandon” the posture, which is sad if we take Joseph Pilates’ words “Incorrect habits in everyday are responsible for the majority of ailments”. We don’t doubt it: even though there are few people who pay attention to their posture, something that most of us have completely forgotten.

Erika De Paz