Much is said about preparing for pregnancy, but to mouth’s health the necessary importance is not given, even when oral diseases may pose a risk to the pregnancy. So if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant watch your mouth, and especially the gums, gum infections as double the risk of preterm delivery.

To avoid future problems make a visit to the dentist before getting pregnant. Periodontal diseases such as gingivitis (inflammation and infection of the gums) or periodontitits (untreated advanced gingivitis), especially if they were from before pregnancy increase the risk of complications like the baby is born prematurely or has low birth weight.

Gums infections double the risk of premature birth

Experts estimate even the risk of premature birth can reach triple if the mother has periodontitis. They believe may affect 36% of pregnant women, whenever there was a gingivitis problem before. In addition, the disease is also associated with a longer time to achieve pregnancy.

Gingivitis is very common in pregnancy and is characterized by inflammation and redness of the gums. Bleed easily and looks thickened and increased in size between the teeth due to the inflammation itself. This encourages bacteria to accumulate below the gum.

These are pregnancy hormones themselves, because they cause an increase in blood flow, which cause the gums to swell and become tender, increasing the risk of developing gingivitis.

Infections In Gums Doubles The Risk Of Premature Birth

Therefore, experts recommend a higher pre-pregnancy prevention. As you prepare your body watching your diet and exercising, they also speak to “prepare buccally” to be mothers.

A must visit to the dentist and good oral hygiene. Take note of these tips on how you take care of your teeth during pregnancy with basic habits are a must as brushing teeth twice daily and using interdental brushes or floss.