Como Comprar HuevosEggs are presented in the market in different ways, packed in plastic containers or in cardboard/plastic trays that vary between a dozen and half dozen units. Normally, the container has the category to which the eggs belong in an external and visible place, for example: A, B, or C, as well as the unit weight, quantity, total weight, quality, registration number, name and address of the packinghouse, size of the egg and packaging date.

1. When buying eggs, open the package to make sure there are no broken eggs or  cracked/fractured shell.

2. Always buy eggs taken from the supermarket’s fridge, pick those with a clean and not-cracked shell, although germs can be inside a whole egg without any cracks, it’s a guarantee to buy the ones produced in well-known industrial farms, and even better, from your local farms.

3. Never buy expired eggs, generally you can read the expiration date on the label, or its due date; always try to buy the fresher ones.

4. When you cook them, if you see that the yellow(yolk) expands or breaks easily, or the white (egg) has spots, don’t eat it, this means it has expired and it can be bad for your health.

5. Eggs shouldn’t be outside longer than a couple hours. Eat them or fridge them.